Chinese Fake Yngwie Stratocaster


Another fake: this one a vintage blonde yngwie malmsteen model fender stratocaster with factory scalloping. Played through a variety of amps but including Peavy JSX, Elmwood Modena90 and Bray modded marshall plexi.

Comments on ‘Chinese Fake Yngwie Stratocaster’

  1. Your chops are the sickest, man.
  2. ‘van halen medley’ and ‘guitarscapes’ has it. its a jem77fl. the floral patterned one. ive also got a cheap ibanez s series that plays well. cripes ive got about 22 guitars at the moment - 2 are fakes, the rest high end.
  3. cant see any video paul with a jem.which one have you got
  4. have no idea…check my ‘jsx demo’ video for settings
  5. have no idea…check my ‘jsx demo’ video for settings
  6. watch my other videos, i already own a jem…made in japan from about 1999-2000. its one of my favourite guitars.
  7. the us original is light. i would say the fake is easily heavier.
  8. put both of them shitty fenders in da bin and buy a jem
  9. There are no more secrets in guitar manufacturing. The same same thing has been there since the past 50 years. With current manufacturing technologies, anything can be replicated or copied. If they sound good and cheap, might as well buy fake stuff.
  10. what was the knob setting for the jsx
  11. haha
  12. whats the website for the carbon copies???? :)
  13. i think the original strat is heavy the fake is not….
  14. But you ARE stupid.

    It’s spelt…raCist.

  15. what website did u get it at
  16. i hate chinese but im not rasist
  17. where do you buy these guitars from
  18. For a stock chinnese strat its sounds damn good dude! Clean sound is unbelievable btw.
  19. I had the steve vai replica from china its carbon copy shit and its sounds good. Well email me if you want some info… Im ordering this yngwie malmsteen
  20. at least it sounds pretty awesome.
  21. å?大ç??ç¥?å??…….
  22. i bought a fender stratocaster chinese, but i cant have a decent intonation, i set up the neck and the saddles but i cant get a good intonation, what do u recommend me. Please tell me. Thanks
  23. please, PLEASE tell me where I can get one!
  24. Wow! That sounds good for a chinese strat! With a pair (bridge & neck) of Duncan humbuckers it would be almost perfect. I want one. ;)
  25. sounds like a strat? i mean the fret board looks some what wide, or you may just have small hands. anyway, why not just go get a good old american strat, set it up how it feels good for you, then play it for hours on end for a few years, you’ll cut your own nexk grooves and then you’d have a “you” signature guitar :P peace love and happiness
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